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Every individual may have a different first memory of a social media website that connected him/her to a significant other through an online chatting platform or an internet café that provided 24/7 services of e-dating, but if you’re a certain age, you’ll likely remember when MySpace and Orkut were very much numero uno amongst all other modern-age online social platforms such as Facebook, twitter and tinder. Roll it back a few more years and you could’ve been one of the relatively few who were amongst the pioneers of modern social networking on Friendster. But the key point to emphasize on here is that Social media actually goes back a lot further, and its roots can be found in blogging, Google, AOL, ICQ, the beginnings of the World Wide Web, and perhaps surprisingly, CompuServe. This Infographic from Creative Ramblings takes a closer look at the history of Social Media, 1969-2012.

Today, web-based social networking is a term that everybody knows. Indeed, even the most remote ranges of the world have in any event known about Facebook and Twitter, and are likely utilizing them all the time. However, it wasn’t generally that way. Online networking, in its present shape, has been around a generally fleeting and despite the fact that you most likely can’t envision living without it now, aside from the most recent couple of decades, everybody did.

1997- The Birth of Social Media

The main online networking webpage that everybody can concur really was web-based social networking was a site called Six Degrees. It was named after the ‘six degrees of partition’ hypothesis and endured from 1997 to 2001. Six Degrees permitted clients to make a profile and after that companion different clients. Six Degrees even permitted the individuals who didn’t enlist as clients to affirm kinships and associated many individuals along these lines.

From Six Degrees, the web moved into the time of blogging and texting. Despite the fact that blogging may not appear like online networking absolutely, the term fits since individuals were all of a sudden ready to speak with a blog other in a split second and also different perusers. The expression “blog” is a type of the expression “Weblog” which was instituted by Jorn Barger, an early blogger that was the editorial manager of the website “Robot Wisdom.”

From that point, ICQ was conceived and most individuals from Generation X recollect ICQ and the administration that was made presently, America Online, with AOL’s moment detachment particularly noticeable in the web-based social networking lineup.

2016- The Internet is everywhere

By the year 2016, around 100 million individuals have admittance to the web, and it turned out to be entirely normal for individuals to be locked in socially on the web. Obviously, then it was taken a gander at as an odd side interest, best case scenario. Still, increasingly individuals have started to use visit spaces for making companions, dating and examining themes that they needed to discuss. Be that as it may, the tremendous blast of online networking is still to come.


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