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Let’s face it, the idea of social media was way far from “trailblazing”. From fueling and influencing a communal revolt in the Middle East to changing the fortune of a “chaiwala” in Pakistan, social media has had a great impact on our lives during the last decade or so. It might be difficult these days, to find a person without an account on any of the social media platforms. It may be “Twitter”, “Facebook” or any other platform, a person may not be a socialite physically, but he’ll surely be a “social-media-ite”. Social media, in the silicon valley, can simply be termed as a new kid on the block having a great impact on our society as well as our individual lifestyles, with a history of its inception dating back not before 2005, the use of social networking sites has shot up significantly in the past decade. According to a research conducted by the Pew Research Center, a percentage as high as 90% of the population of the United States of America, ranging between 18 years to 29 years in age, has social media profiles over different social networking sites, while the percentage in the much mature section of the population restricted to around 35%. Scrambling later in time, the use of social media, in the global scene, surely looks destined to move to higher lengths.

“eMarketer” predicts that the figure showing the number of people with social media profiles or accounts is set to be double in the future. Discussing the technological viewpoint, with the developers working on the integration of social media in wearable devices, it seems that it’s all likely that the increase in the number of users of social media is going to be a great explosion. With Augmented reality and Virtual Reality on the rise, a combination of social media and the two above mentioned technologies (as described by the developers) would result in people analyzing each other’s personalities without physical interactions and read messages with the presence of annotations and visual cues, thus reflecting the brightness possessed by the future of social media, as it would help us discover the unseen while laying on our couches or sitting back on our chairs.

With e-commerce and e-marketing on the rise, the future of social media seems as bright as ever.  According to Forbes, around 50 million businesses are using facebook pages. This small statistic, shows the rise of social media in the business sector. Not only that it is predicted with the specialised features of messaging on facebook and other social media platforms, this number is likely to rise in the future, as the trend of digital marketing can easily be witnessed with the number of ads you see, while you simply go through your newsfeed on your facebook profiles. The dependence of generating business through social media can easily be witnessed by the fact that everyday 1.48 posts are made by businesses on their facebook pages in order to attract new customers and orders and boast their businesses.With the traffic and audience all set to get doubled in the future, the use of social media networks doesn’t seems to getting slow down in future ahead.


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