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With the extensive use of social media on daily life these days one can simply say that, life and social media can simply be defined as two best friends who can’t part ways from each other ( no matter what happens). The impact on social media during the last decade can simply be summarised by the fact, that where on one hand, it acted as a driving force to a communal revolt in huge parts of the Arabian territory, on the other hand it has simply changed the life of a simple “chaiwala”, whose photograph surfacing around the different social media platforms not only landed him a modelling contract but also turned him into a dapper looking guy who’s a heartthrob for almost a million ladies back in Pakistan.  

Going back to around 2005-2006, can you imagine talking to your video-chatting to your relatives or friends overseas. Social Media has really been a blessing when it comes to communicating at greater lengths, but a discussing has surfaced around different forums that has this blessing actually acted as a curse in disguise for the users. According to a psychological survey, people using extensive social media gave more weight or value to connections made on social media as compared to their close relations. In simple terms, individuals addicted to using social media networks start having difficulties in recognising real world relationships and relationships or connections made through different social media networks.

While the positive and negative impacts might differ from individual to individual, if you are a small business owner, you would surely give credit to the increased use of e-commerce on social media these days. According to a research, the use of advertising campaigns on social media have contributed greatly towards the increase in sales and revenue of different entities. A survey conducted by suggestes that around 37 million visits on facebook results in about 529000 orders.

While younger generation is credited to have skills to adapt to almost everything, when it comes to technological developments and trends. The use of social media is the most common among the younger lot, it is mentioned also suggested that the excessive use of such social media platforms instead of having any positive impacts are mostly seen having a negative impact on these developing minds of the society. Research shows that the use of social acts as a “butcher” when it comes to real-time or real-life conversations especially among the younger lot. As compared to the generation of the 1900s, the younger lot is seen struggling more when it comes to emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional distress and concentration problems. With virtual interaction taking over the physical one, scientists suggest that this increase may act as barrier towards the emotional development of the teenagers, making them more prone towards mental stress and other issues relating to psychology.

No one would deny the fact that social media has brought us closer to each other, but a question remains unanswered, isn’t this force of social media pulling us deeper into the pool of virtual reality away from the reality?


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