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Did you know the name of the very first social media site created? What about the year in which it was created? The first ever social media site was created in 1997 and name of it was “Six Degrees”, the basic purpose of that site was to enable the users to create or upload their profile and be friends with other users as well. From 1997 to 2016 technology has phenomenally advanced and so has the social media, from uploading profile and making friends only it has significantly widen its uses and has firmly integrated itself into our lives. Nowadays it’s safe to say that and individual can hardly live without social media. Now if social managed to integrate itself in our lives there must be something attractive about it which has made the people to accept it so easily? Therefore some basic advantages of social media will be discussed below in order to get a clear idea as to how social media managed to make a firm place in people’s lives


  • Build new relationships


Back in the old days when social media wasn’t there, communication with the others was extremely slow. People only used to communicate with each other either by telephones, messages or by mail. Nowadays you have the ability to be connected with your beloved 24/7. Furthermore social media has significantly shortened the distances, you can connect with people living completely on the other side of the world and so building new relationships are super easy now.

The other prospective of this advantage is from a professional prospective, you can easy share your ideas and stay connected with your mentors and role models.


  • Share your expertise and increase your visibility


Social media gives you the opportunity to share your expertise; it lets you talk to people who value      your work and certainly lets you connect with like-minded people. All you need to learn is to present your expertise and that’s all.

If you are consistent and actually doing good in sharing and using your expertise in a progressive way, chances of you being noticed by followed will increase as well. This will increase your visibility and then you’ll probably have a fan following as well.


  • Making money


Money! What can you say about it, well now you don’t really have to make a company or have a huge initial investment in order to start a business or earn. The key purpose of social media is to bring people together so if your idea and direction is on track and pleasant to others you can easily start earning money. This advantage of social media was a game changer because in order to move ahead you need resources and if you have contacts but no resources you can’t just move ahead by contacts, having a continuous flow of resources is the main driving force of moving ahead.


Summing up, social media has changed us and the advantages which include, building new relationships, sharing your expertise, and making money are the reasons how social media managed to become a part of most of the people’s lives so easily.


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